Fear of ideas as distinct from fear of the charging wildebeest is the product of an unsettled mind fueling mad emotions, always a dangerous cocktail. And if those who drink that cocktail become political powerbrokers, the fear we feel is closer to the charging wildebeest kind than the kind suffered by those who are just plain mad. Vigilance, exposure, and the constant outing of these people and their malevolence is a soupcon of antidote.

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Youth engagement has been a priority of the Toronto based family foundation with a focus on the wellbeing of children and youth since its inception. But, gearing up to celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2016, the foundation took an additional step to connect with this specific demographic by introducing a fund managed by the fifth generation for the fifth generation. Read the full article here..

All the trees here are always seen with new leaves and entwined with new creepers. The whole site is covered all over with fresh green leaves and twigs. The rivers here always flow full and the current is strong, indeed! The tanks here are very dirty like the minds of worldly persons attached to worldly things.

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